Table 2

Clinical characteristics of the two groups of patients (with one eye only and both eyes cataract surgery), at the moment of their first eye surgery

One eye only surgery (n=117)Both eyes surgery (n=125) p Value
Preoperative visual acuity in the operated eye
better than 6/185(4.3)6(4.8)
6/30 to 6/1832(27.4)32(25.6)
6/60 or worse80(68.4)87(69.6)0.94
Preoperative visual acuity in the fellow eye
better than 6/1236(30.8)8(6.4)
6/15 to 6/1229(24.8)18(14.4)
6/30 to 6/1832(27.4)65(52.0)
6/60 or worse20(17.1)34(27.2)<0.001
Postoperative visual acuity in the operated eye
better than 6/932(27.8)35(28.0)
6/10 to 6/941(35.7)36(28.8)
6/15 to 6/1222(19.1)25(20.0)
6/18 or worse20(17.4)29(23.2)0.59
Patients with ocular comorbidity37(31.6)46(36.8)0.40
Diabetic retinopathy4(3.4)5(4.0)0.81
Age related macular degeneration10(8.5)9(7.2)0.70
Patients with complications of surgery28(23.9)28(22.4)0.78