Table 2

Effect of age, sex, education, socioeconomic status, religion, level of visual impairment, and cause of visual impairment on noticing decrease in vision over the past 5 years and on seeking treatment by multiple logistic regression

Odds ratio for noticing decrease in vision
(95% CI)
Odds ratio for seeking treatment
(95% CI)
Age (years)
<601.00 (0.37–2.72)0.57 (0.30–1.10)
 Female2.25 (0.85–5.92)1.55 (0.79–3.02)
 Illiterates1.69 (0.61–4.67)0.75 (0.37–1.50)
Socioeconomic status
Extreme lower, lower1.001.00
 Middle, upper1.03 (0.41–2.59)1.36 (0.72–2.57)
Hindu0.64 (0.26–1.54)0.53 (0.28–0.98)
Level of visual impairment
 <6/605.31 (0.67–42.06)1.15 (0.55–2.43)
Cause of visual impairment
Other than refractive error1.001.00
 Refractive error0.34 (0.12–0.93)0.57 (0.28–1.16)
  • Categories for these variables combined to increase the power of analysis. Age groups <60 and ⩾60 years combined to assess differences between the non-elderly and elderly groups. Cataract and others combined because both had higher rates than refractive error.