Table 3

Reasons for not utilising eyecare services

Reason Category No (%) (n=108)
1 Do not have a serious problemP16 (15.0)
2 Able to see adequatelyP10 (9.3)
3 Eye disease/decrease in vision are natural with growing old, and so do not need treatmentP06 (5.6)
4 Do not feel comfortable with the eye doctor/general medical practitioner that I have access toP05 (4.6)
5 Afraid that seeing someone for eye checkup would reveal vision loss, and therefore cause worryP04 (3.7)
6 Have to travel far for eye checkupP03 (2.8)
7 Would like eye checkup but other medical problems prevent me from goingP03 (2.8)
8 Eye checkup not a priority because of other health problemsP02 (1.9)
9 Do not know where to go for eye checkupP01 (0.9)
10 Family/harvest/business obligationsS11 (10.2)
11 No one willing to escort for eye checkupS07 (6.5)
12 Dominant person in the family did not feel the need for seeking health careS03 (2.8)
13 Do not have money to pay for eye checkupE33 (30.6)
  • P=personal, S=social, and E=economic reason.

  • Data not available on 4 subjects; percentages do not add up to 100 because of rounding.