Table 1

Items within the daily living tasks dependent on vision (DLTV) questionnaire

How much difficulty do you haveNo difficultyA little difficultyA lot of difficultyCannot see to do
1Distinguishing a person's features across the room4321
2Noticing objects off to either side4321
3Watching television programmes4321
4Seeing steps and using them4321
5Enjoying the scenery if out for a drive4321
6Reading road signs/street names4321
7Distinguishing a person's features across the street4321
8Recognising seasonal changes in the garden4321
9Distinguishing a person's features at arm's length4321
10Pouring yourself a drink4321
11Cutting up food on your plate4321
12Cutting your finger nails4321
13Using kitchen appliances4321
14Adjusting to darkness after being in the light4321
15Adjusting to the light after being in the dark4321
How confident do you feel in your ability to walk around
Extremely Somewhat Barely Not at all
16In your immediate neighbourhood4321
17Outside your immediate neighbourhood4321
With your near glasses on how much difficulty do you have
No difficulty A little difficulty A lot of difficulty Cannot see to do
18Reading normal sized newspaper print4321
19Reading newspaper headlines4321
20Reading correspondence—eg, bills, letters, cards4321
21Signing documents (cheques, pension book)4321
22Identifying money from purse or wallet4321