Table 3

Baseline value in the NBch-ret, NBfovea and NBONH in patients

Operated eye Unoperated contralateral eye
NBch-ret (buckled side) 25.1 (8.8)23.9 (6.5)
NBch-ret (unbuckled side) 22.0 (6.6)22.1 (3.6)
NBfovea 28.2 (5.8)27.5 (6.5)
NBONH 23.6 (4.4)25.2 (7.6)
  • Figures are mean (SD) in 10 patients. NBch-ret, NBfovea and NBONH represent mean tissue blood velocity in the largest rectangular field in the measurement field free of visible surface vessels in choroid and retina, foveal area, and optic nerve head, respectively.

  • Mirror image side of the buckled (unbuckled) side in the unoperated contralateral eye.

  • No significant bilateral difference is observed in any of variables (paired t test, p>0.1).