Table 2

Reliability: item-total correlations

Question (item) n Item-total r
Reading newspapers (1a)1550.72
Reading numbers in a telephone directory (1b)1550.75
Reading prices (1c)1550.76
Reading labels (1d)1550.77
Recognising other people (1e)1550.66
Seeing steps (1f)1550.67
Seeing cracks in the pavement (1g)1550.74
Seeing road signs (1h)1550.75
Difficulty seeing at night (2a)1550.70
Hazy or blurry vision (2b)1550.62
Difficulty adapting to bright lights (2c)1550.64
Difficulty adapting to dim lights (2d)1550.73
In general would you say your vision is . . . (3)1550.63
Rating your current vision on a scale from 0 to 100 (4)1550.64
Pain or discomfort in the treated eye (2e)1550.47
Watering of your treated eye (2f)1550.32
Stickiness or discharge from the treated eye (2g)1550.22
The appearance of your treated eye (2h)1550.34
Other people noticing your treated eye (2i)1550.29
Felt self conscious about your treated eye (5a)1550.46
Satisfied with the appearance of your treated eye (6)1550.24