Table 1

Clinical symptoms, signs, abnormal blood tests, systemic diseases, and treatment of nine patients with orbital xanthogranuloma

Case number, age (years), sex Presenting symptoms Symptom duration Clinical examination Abnormal blood tests Systemic diseases Treatment
1, 63, Msore right eye7 monthsbilateral mechanical ptosiseosinophiliapsoriasisradiotherapy
limited right eye movements⇑cholesterolarthritischlorambucil
bilateral conjunctival injectionsurgery
and yellow plaques
2, 52, Fright orbital mass12 yearsswollen right upper lid⇑cholesterolasthmasurgery
right proptosis and downward displacement⇑IgGlymph node hyperplasiaradiotherapy
limited right eye movements
yellow plaque beneath left eye
3, 30, Fswelling right eye and monocular diplopia7 yearsswollen right upper and lower lids⇑RAHashimoto's thyroiditissurgery
4, 3, Fswelling right eye and proptosis6 monthsright proptosisNAnonesurgery
5, 22, Mbilateral upper lid swelling3 yearsbilateral yellow⇑ ESRasthmasteroids
upper lid plaques⇑ CRPazothioprine
gravitational ptosis⇑IgG
and left upper lid mass⇓C4
6, 38, Mbilateral medial upper lid swelling3 yearsleft ptosis and bilateralNAasthmasurgery
firm upper lid masseshypothyroid
and yellow plaques
7, 56, Mrecurrent right upper lid swelling8 yearsright ptosis, proptosis and downward displacementleucocytosisNIDDMsurgery
right upper lid yellow mass and plaqueeosinophiliaNon-Hodgkin's lymphomasome response with
chemotherapy for NHL
8, 46, Mright upper and lower lid swelling with pain3 yearsright upper lid swelling with fat prolapseeosinophilianasal polypssurgery
9, 60, Fswelling right eye1 yearright upper lid yellow plaqueseosinophiliaasthmasurgery
  • ⇑ = raised; ⇓ = decreased; ESR = erythrocyte sedimentation rate; NA = not available; CRP = C reactive protein; NIDDM = non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus; NHL = non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.