Table 2

Radiological features on CT (and MRI in case 2) of nine patients with orbital xanthogranulomas

Proptosis Globe displacement Mass characteristics Optic nerve Extraocular muscles Retrobulbar fat Lacrimal
Intracranial extension
1presentdownwardpartially enhancing infiltrative fat and soft tissue mass in right upper and  lower lid—extension around globe. Later left lower lid swellingnormalright all enlargedincreased densitynormalnonenone
2presentdownwardenhancing soft tissue mass and fat in right upper lid with extension posterior  to globe. Left lower lid swellingnormalenlarged right superior rectusnormalnormalnonenone
3presentnoneright upper/lower preseptal soft tissue and fatty mass—posterior extension  around globenormalenlarged right lateral rectusnormalnormalnonenone
4presentdownwardheterogeneous density right soft tissue mass with single high density fleckencased superiorlyinfiltration of right superior rectusnormalnormalpresentpresent
5absentnonebilateral soft tissue and increased fat in upper lids—extension into superior orbitsnormalearly infiltration of superior rectinormalbilateral enlargementnonenone
6presentnonebilateral infiltrative soft tissue masses in upper lids with increased fat; calcified  fleck in left massnormalenlarged superior recti and left lateral  and medial rectinormalleft enlargednonenone
7presentdownwardinfiltrative right soft tissue massnormalenlarged right superior rectusnormalright enlargednonenone
8presentnoneright upper/lower preseptal soft tissue mass and prolapse of retrobulbar fatnormalenlarged right superior and inferior rectiincreased densityright enlargednonenone
9absentnoneright upper/lower preseptal soft tissue thickeningnormalenlarged right lateral rectusnormalright enlargednonenone