Table 5

 Visual function and quality of life (QOL) results at baseline (visit 1) and at visit 2 in patients without ARMD who underwent cataract surgery (group 3)

Visit 1 Visit 2 Change
(p value)
Visual function tests
 Distance VA (LogMAR)0.81 (0.64)0.00 (0.13)0.000
 Near VA (LogMAR)0.94 (0.50)0.36 (0.12)0.000
 Pelli-Robson CS (log)0.78 (0.64)1.5 (0.15)0.000
 Pelli-Robson + glare (log)0.40 (0.40)1.34 (0.20)0.000
 Stereo-acuity (min/arc)354.91 (365.74) (25 had no stereo-acuity)415.45 (330.83) (14 had no stereo-acuity)0.233
QOL items
 Trouble with vision3.21.800.000
 Small print1.63.00.000
 Large print3.03.80.000
 Recognise people close3.13.70.000
 See steps/kerbs2.63.50.000
 Street signs2.23.60.000
 Fine handwork1.93.50.000
 Writing cheques2.43.80.000
 Watching TV2.63.80.000
 Getting about indoors3.23.80.000
Final VF-14 score64.792.80.000
  • p<0.01 (Wilcoxon signed ranks test).