Table 1

Patient demographics and nature of injury

Patient No/sexRegion/response
rate (%)
Age (at Dx, initial injury) (years)Type of injurySurgical procedure
1/FA&O (58)73, 73Surgery, traumaTrabeculectomy
2/FS&W (72)75, 67SurgeryExt RD, cataract
3/FN&Y (61)66, 65SurgeryPPV RD
4/MT (57)71, 69SurgeryCataract + Ant Vity, Ext RD
5/FNW (56)73, 72SurgeryExt beam DTX, PPV ×2, Enucl
6/MNI (61)40, 40SurgeryPPV
7/MS (72)40, 10Trauma
8/MNT (57)40, 40Trauma
9/MS44, 43Trauma
10/MST (64)66, 66SurgeryPPV RD
11/MS&W68, 66SurgeryPPV RD
12/FNI14, 14Trauma
13/MS&W31, 30Trauma
14/FNW71, 69SurgeryExt RD ×2
15/FROI (31)62, 60SurgeryPPV RD ×3
16/FST74, 70SurgeryExt RD, PPV RD, Cyclodiodetx
17/MNT47, 4Trauma, surgeryPPV RD ×2
18/FN&Y52, 52Trauma
  • A&O= Anglia and Oxford, S&W= South and West, N&Y= Northern and Yorkshire, T= Trent, NW= North West, NI= Northern Ireland, S= Scotland, NT= North Thames, ST= South Thames, ROI= Republic of Ireland. Dx = diagnosis, Ext= external, RD= retinal detachment repair, Cataract= cataract extraction, Ant Vity= anterior vitrectomy, DTX= radiotherapy, PPV= pars plana vitrectomy, Enucl= enucleation, Cyclodiodetx= cyclodiodetherapy.