Table 2

Raised tHcy as a risk factor for retinal vascular occlusive disease. Distribution of risk factors for cardiovascular and retinal vascular occlusive disease

AllArterialAll veinCentral veinBranch vein
No of subjects878726614021
Lipid lowering therapy (%)
 p Value0.7440.1971.000.6771.00
Treatment for hypertension (%)36.858.669.254.152.557.1
 p Value0.0060.0070.0370.1400.145
Current smokers (%)
 p Value0.0350.3030.0480.0690.359
Diabetes mellitus (%)8.011.515.
 p Value0.6690.2730.9330.7180.218
Ischaemic heart disease (%)
 p Value0.3390.2520.5530.2070.732
Previous carotid endarterectomy (%)0.06.919.
 p Value0.0280.00040.4161.000.201
Previous TIA/CVA (%)4.612.615.411.512.59.5
 p Value0.1050.0800.2010.1380.330
Treatment for glaucoma (%)
 p Value0.110.4110.0200.0460.13