Table 1

Clinical course of CRVO after intravitreal TPA injection, classified from the shorter to the longer duration of symptoms before treatment

Case no Age (years) Sex Associated medical conditions CRVO duration before TPA injection (days) Dose of TPA Initial visual acuity Initial form of CRVO Visual outcome
164MHypertension, smoking, activated protein C resistance, CRVO in the second eye175 μg20/70non-ischaemic CRVO20/20, non-ischaemic CRVO
260FHypercholesterolaemia, glaucoma, HRT2100 μg20/40non-ischaemic CRVOCF, ischaemic CRVO, PRP
370MHyperlipidaemia475 μg20/30peripheral ischaemic area of 30 DD20/200, CME, unchanged ischaemic area
469FNone5100 μg20/400non-ischaemic CRVO with cilioretinal AOCF, ischaemic CRVO, PRP, preretinal neovascularisation
558MGlaucoma5100 μg20/200non-ischaemic CRVO with cilioretinal AO20/125, non-ischaemic CRVO, CME
657MDiabetes, stopped smoking575 μg20/40non-ischaemic CRVO20/400, ischaemic CRVO, PRP
753MMyocardial infarction, hyperlipidaemia, stopped smoking575 μg20/30non-ischaemic CRVO20/70, non-ischaemic CRVO, CME
874MStopped smoking5100 μg20/70non-ischaemic CRVO
937FSmoking675 μg20/40non-ischaemic CRVO20/15, non-ischaemic CRVO
1072FHypertension, overweight, hypercholesterolaemia,875 μg20/40non-ischaemic CRVO20/25, non-ischaemic CRVO
1172FHypertension, overweight8100 μgCFischaemic CRVOCF, ischaemic CRVO, PRP
1249MHyperlipidaemia, overweight, stopped smoking1475 μg20/50peripheral ischaemic area of 30 DD20/40, unchanged ischaemic area, CME
1361MHypertension, myocardial infarction, stopped smoking1575 μg20/160non-ischaemic CRVO20/25, non-ischaemic CRVO
1467MHypertension, glaucoma, myocardial infarction2175 μg20/400peripheral ischaemic area of 20 DDCF, ischaemic CRVO, rubeosis iridis, PRP
1560Mhypertension, hyperlipidaemia, angina pectoris, stopped smoking2175 μg20/50non-ischaemic CRVO20/20; non-ischaemic CRVO
  • PRP = panretinal photocoagulation; HRT = hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal woman; DD = disc diameters; CMO = cystoid macular oedema; AO = artery occlusion; CF = counting fingers.