Table 2

Mean deviation of affected and less affected hemifields in patients with altitudinal asymmetric field defects are presented (median, 10, 90% percentiles). Furthermore the mean defects of the temporal superior and inferior field of NPG with symmetric field defects are given (median, 10, 90% percentiles)

Mean deviation affected branch (dB) Mean deviation less affected branch (dB) Mean deviation superior field (dB) Mean deviation inferior field (dB) Significance
NPG with altitudinal asymmetric field defects−9.1 (−25.3; −3.2)−1.7 (−6.9; 0.5)p=0.002
NPG with symmetric field defects−4.1 (−15.1; 0.5)−3.4 (−15.4; 0.4)p=0.88
  • Wilcoxon signed rank test.