Table 1

Comparison of HIV infected individuals and HIV negative controls

HIV infected individuals (n=45) HIV negative controls (n=17) p Value
Age (years)39.1 (1.2) 37.5 (2.2)0.47
sBP (mm Hg)130 (2.1)128 (3.7)0.67
dBP (mm Hg)76 (1.6)74 (3.8)0.67
Transit time (ms)5.56 (0.23)4.02 (0.16)0.0002
  • sBP=systolic blood pressure.

  • dBP=diastoloic blood pressure.

  • Two sample t tests allowing for unequal variances.

  • Data are means (SE).

  • In vitro polymorphonuclear leucocyte transit time in a cell transit analyser as a measure of leucocyte rigidity.