Table 1

Comparison of people who refused with those who agreed to have trabeculectomy

Refused surgery Agreed to surgery
Number of people1615
Number of eyes5 bilateral, 11 unilateral4 bilateral, 11 unilateral
Sex9 female, 7 male9 female, 6 male
Mean age (SD)56.73 (9.35)56.33 (7.61)ns
Diagnosis10 OAG, 6 ACG8 OAG, 6 ACG, 1 trauma
Preoperative visual acuity (SD)
 Worse eye0.36 (0.30)0.23 (0.25)p=0.20
 Better eye0.64 (0.32)0.49 (0.28)p=0.18
Preop IOP, right (SD)28.0 (8.0)29.0 (10.7)ns
Preop IOP, left (SD)25.1 (9.8)27.1 (10.6)ns
Cup/disc ratio, worse eye0.80 + 0.110.81 + 0.19ns
Cup/disc ratio, better eye0.70 + 0.110.57 + 0.25p=0.06
Field loss one or both eyes (or blind one eye)9/1610/15ns
  • ACG = angle closure glaucoma; OAG = open angle glaucoma.