Table 1

Characteristics of patients and diagnosis

Number of patients (all white)20
Number of eyes22
Mean (SD) age (years)
50.3 (20.6) 9–77
Underlying inflammatory eye diseases
 CAU of unknown aetiology5
 Herpes keratouveitis/trabeculitis6
 CAU associated with JCA3
 CAU in Cogan's syndrome2
 Intermediate uveitis of unknown aetiology1
 Panuveitis of unknown aetiology1
 Necrotising scleritis with inflammation  and uveitis1
 Episcleritis 1
 Chemical injury2
Previous glaucoma surgery
 Laser trabeculoplasty2
Previous other surgery
 Excision of conjunctival tissue after  chemical injury1
  • CAU = chronic anterior uveitis, JCA = juvenile chronic arthritis.