Table 2

Statistical comparison of orbital blood flow parameters in normal control subjects and in patients with Graves' disease

Compared groups
Ophthalmic artery
 Peak systolic velocityNSp=0.01p<0.001
 End diastolic velocityNSp=0.013p<0.001
 Resistivity indexNSNSNS
Central retinal artery
 Peak systolic velocity NSp=0.003p=0.017
 End diastolic velocityNSNSNS
 Resistivity indexNSNSNS
Central retinal vein
 Maximal velocityNSp=0.001p=0.01
 Minimal velocityNSp=0.009p=0.012
Superior ophthalmic vein
 Maximal velocityNSp=0.033p=0.007
 Minimal velocityNSp=0.037p=0.028
  • p Values for multiple comparison based on the Tukey honestly significant difference test.

  • NS = not statistically significant.