Table 1

The post, telephone, and in person Low Vision Quality of Life questionnaire (LVQOL) implementation groups that were balanced for age, sex, distance visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, and presence of a field defect in the central 20° visual field

LVQOL implementation methodNo of subjectsMedian age (years)M:F ratioVisual acuity (logMAR)Contrast sensitivity (dB)Central field defect (%)
Post3981 (14)1:1.80.95 (0.51)9.3 (4.3)51
Telephone3979 (18)1:1.80.90 (0.50)9.6 (5.6)59
In person3982 (17)1:1.81.02 (0.47)9.7 (4.8)59
  • Standard deviation is stated in parentheses for age, visual acuity and contrast sensitivity.