Table 1

Mean (SE) values of arterial blood pH, arterial carbon dioxide and oxygen tensions (Pco 2, Po2 ) and mean arterial blood pressure before and after administration of 500 mg dorzolamide intravenously

   Before dorzolamide After dorzolamide n p value
Arterial blood pH (units)7.64  (0.05)7.49  (0.04)6<0.0005
Arterial blood Pco 2 (kP)3.4 (0.4)5.1 (0.5)6<0.0005
Arterial blood Po 2(kP)13 (1)13 (1)60.3
Mean arterial blood pressure (mm Hg)81 (7)84 (6)60.09
  • The number of pigs (n), and the p value for the pairedt test are indicated.