Table 4

Patient satisfaction at most recent visit

Patient satisfaction Patients treated by a nurse Patients treated by an SHO p Value
Mean pain score in cm (SD)1.7 (2.0) n=303.8 (2.7) n=230.003
Q: “How adequate was the explanation of your diagnosis?”(%)n=43n=290.001
  Very well explained5824
  Well explained4052
  Badly explained 014
  Not explained210
Q: “How adequate was the explanation of your treatment?”(%)n=43n=290.003
  Very well explained6131
  Well explained3545
  Badly explained514
  Not explained010
Q: “Overall how do you rate the treatment you received at your last visit?”(%)n=43n=290.05
  Very good8152
  Very bad00
  • p Values relate to Mann–Whitney tests on ordinal variables and χ2 tests or Fisher's exact tests on categorical variables.