Table 2

Details of clinical data

Case Age Sex Main diagnosis Associated disease Previous Rx of ED ED Size (mm) Epithelialisation (weeks) Surgery F/U (M) Result Remarks
Group A
180FNeurotrophicPBKSCL, tear33AM24S
248MNeurotrophicGraft failure post PKPSCL, tear31AM6S
369FNeurotrophicPBK, HSK, KCS, DMSCL, tear, PO68AM7SPKP at 7th month
2nd AM, new site at 4th month41AM and patch tarsorrhaphyS
45MNeurotrophic, LDSJSTear, patch36AM30SLT at 24th month
570MNeurotrophicBK, KCS, DMTear, PO28AM19S
658FNeurotrophicBK, post bacterial ulcerPatch21AM6S
79MExposureLid abnormality after tumour removal, post radiation, KCSTear, patch, tarsorrhaphy42AMs tarsorrhaphy18STarsorrhaphy separation at 20th week
2nd AM, new site at 6th month33AMs tarsorrhaphyS
3rd AM, new site at 7th month33AMS
868MNeurotrophic, LDPKP, trabeculectomy 5 times, KCS, DMSCL, tear74 (not healed)AM and patch3FLT+PKP at 3rd month, ED healed in 8 days
2nd AM, same site at 1st month38 (not healed)AMs tarsorrhaphyF
940MNeurotrophic, LDAcute burn, lid abnormalityTear, tarsorrhaphy53AMs tarsorrhaphy5S
1055MNeurotrophicFungal ulcerPatch52 (not healed)AM10F
2nd AM, same site at 0.5th month52 (not healed)AMFHealed with antifungus
Group B
133MNeurotrophicPost bacterial ulcer, post traumaTear41AM 2 layers14S
285FNeurotrophicHSK, KCS, DMPO, SCL, tear33AM15S
358MNeurotrophicPost bacterial ulcer, BKTear34AM 2 layers5S
464FNeurotrophic (descemetocele)KCS, post radiation, uveitis, cataractPO, tear31AM 2 layers6SEnucleation due to painful eye at 6th month
2nd AM, new site at 0.5th month31AM 2 layersS
3rd AM, new site at 1st month21AM 3 layersS
4th AM, new site at 1st month21AM 2 layersS
5th op, new site at 1st month21AM 2 layersS
561FNeurotrophic (descemetocele)Post trauma, post phacoemulsificationTear, patch33AM 2 layers13S
650FNeurotrophicPost trauma, BK, DMTear3AM 3 layers13FLost AMT in 1 week
2nd AM, same site at 1st month31AM 2 layersS
786FNeurotrophicKCS, HSK, post remove band keratopathySCL, patch33 (not healed)AM 2 layers and patch15FHealed with topical aciclovir in 1 week
847FNeurotrophic, exposure K (descemetocele)Post radiation, lid abnormal post tumor removal41AM 2 layers15SExenteration at 15th month
941MNeurotrophic, exposure K (descemetocele)Lid abnormal post radiation, CA nasopharynx, KCS, S/P trabeculectomyTear31AM 2 layers + tarsorrhaphy10S
2nd AM, new site at 1.5th month3AM 3 layersS
1056MLD (descemetocele)SJS, KCSTear, PO41AM 2 layers and patch5S
1152FNeurotrophic (descemetocele)PBKCL42AM9S
1230FMooren's ulcer (descemetocele)Glue, CL101AM 3 layers + remove glue6S
1373FNeurotrophic, exposure (descemetocele)KCS, ABK, post cataract extraction and pterygium excisionCL, tear42 (not healed)AM 3 layers11FAM loss at 2nd week
2nd AM, same site at 0.5th month44 (not healed)AM 3 layersFHealed with patch in 1 week
Group C
138MNeurotrophic, LDSJS, KCS, S/P LT, PKP graft rejectionPO, tear, tarsorrhaphy30.5AM 3 layers1SPKP at 1st month for vision
234MLDSJS, KCSPO31AM 3 layes20S
37FNeurotrophicHSK, post bacterial ulcer62AM 3 layers + glue5SRemove glue at 1.5th month
2nd op, 1.5th month (after glue removal)61AM 3 layersSPKP at 5th month for vision
413MNeurotrophicPost bacterial ulcer, leukoma31AM 3 layers2.5FAqueous leak twice, AM slip, PKP at 2.5th month
2nd AM, same site at 1st month31AM 3 layersF
534MNeurotrophicHSK61AM 6 layers11S
  • ED = epithelial defect, Rx = treatment, PBK = pseudophakic bullous keratopathy, SCL = soft contact lens, AM= amniotic membrane, PKP = penetrating keratoplasty, HSK = herpes simplex keratitis, KCS = keratoconjunctivitis sicca, DM = diabetic mellitus, PO = punctal occlusion, SJS = Stevens-Johnson syndrome, BK = bullous keratopathy, LD = limbal stem cell deficiency, ABK = aphakic bullous keratopathy, LT = limbal transplantation.