Table 1

Studies and review articles relating to fibrinolytic therapy in central retinal artery occlusion

Author, yearNumber of subjectsFibrinolytic agentComment
Richard et al, 199918 46rt-PA
Weillet al, 199816 7Urokinase
Wirostkoet al, 199815 1UrokinaseCase report
Weberet al, 19985 15Urokinase
Annonieret al, 19887 5UrokinaseContains data also used in reference 10
Schumacher et al, 19936 23Urokinase (n=18)
rt-PA (n=5)
Vulpius et al, 19969 9rt-PA
Annonier et al, 198410 2UrokinaseContains data also used in reference 7
Mach et al, 199217 1UrokinaseCase report
Coscaset al, 197012 1StreptokinaseIntravenous administration
Ma et al, 19964 4UrokinaseInsufficient data for comment
Brassel et al, 199314 NANAReview article
Schmidtet al, 19923 14UrokinaseContains data also used in reference 6
Van Cauwenberge, 199311 NANAReview article
Schumacheret al, 19918 6UrokinaseContains data also used in reference 6
Turmer et al, 199313 NANAAnimal study