Table 2

Clinical information relating to patients with anterior ocular disease (tear donors)

Patient NoAge/sexOcular conditionTreatment
131/MKeratoconus (no atopy, corneal graft)Steroid
221/MKeratoconus (no atopy, corneal graft)None
334/MKeratoconus (no atopy, corneal graft)Steroid
423/MKeratoconus (NMR, corneal graft)Steroid
536/FKeratoconus (NMR)None
634/MKeratoconus (NMR)Steroid
734/FKeratoconus (NMR)None
842/MKeratoconus (atopy)None
944/FKeratoconus (atopy + asthma)Steroid
1031/MKeratoconus (atopy + eczema)Steroid
1118/FKeratoconus; allergic conjunctivitisSteroid
1228/FKeratoconus (atopy, eczema, corneal graft)None currently, previously steroid
13/1419/MKeratoconus, severe vernal conjunctivitis (atopy)Steroid
1545/MDendritic ulcerSteroid + aciclovir
1664/MDendritic ulcerSteroid + aciclovir (2 weeks)
1735/MDendritic ulcerAciclovir (1 week)
1855/FDisciform keratitisSteroid + aciclovir (8 weeks)
1931/FMicrobial keratitis (hypopyon)Antibiotics (2 weeks)
2029/MMicrobial keratitis (mild)None
21/2231/FRosacea keratitisNone
2312/MThygeson's keratitisSteroid (2 weeks)
2435/MAcanthamoeba keratitis (contact lens wearer)Antibiotics (3 days)
2529/MAcanthamoeba keratitis (contact lens wearer)Antibiotics (2 weeks)
2637/FSjogren's syndrome (Rh)Unknown
2768/FSjogren's syndrome (Rh)Unknown
2855/MSjogren's syndrome (Rh)Unknown
2965/FSjogren's syndrome (Rh)Unknown
3013/MCorneal ulcer, dry eye, cicatricial conjunctivitisAntibiotic + steroid (2 weeks)
3187/MDry eye (non-Rh)Unknown
3245/FDry eye (non-Rh)Unknown
3370/FDry eye, blepharitis (non-Rh)Unknown
3485/FDry eye (scleroderma)Unknown
  • Rh = rheumatoid arthritis.