Table 1

Exclusion criteria for immediately sequential cataract surgery (ISCS)

Exclusion criteria
Increased risk of infection•  active adnexal and ocular surface infection (including untreated blepharitis, mucocele)
• diabetes mellitus
•  immunosuppression and immunodeficiency (including systemic steroids)
• leukaemia/lymphoma
• iodine allergy
Increased risk of corneal decompensation• endothelial dystrophy
• guttata
Increased risk of inaccurate biometry• high myopia or AL >26 mm
• high hyperopia or AL <21 mm
•  AL difference between the eyes >1 mm
 (unless supported by corresponding anisometropia)
• previous refractive surgery
Lenticular abnormalities• history of ocular trauma
• lens subluxation
• phacodonesis
• pseudoexfoliation
Increased risk of high IOP• glaucoma
• trabeculectomy
• previous iritis
Uniocular cataract