Table 2

Benefits and risks of immediately sequential cataract surgery (ISCS)

To the patient•  One general anaesthetic, where required, for surgery
• Improved visual function
• One step visual rehabilitation
• No anisometropia between operations
• One pair of new glasses
• Fewer hospital visits
To the hospital• Only one preassessment visit
• Only one admission for surgery
• More efficient use of theatre time
• More efficient use of clinic
To society•  Shorter waiting lists for surgery and clinics
•  Accompanying friends and relatives take less time off work
•  Less demand on hospital transport services
First eye intraoperative complications result in unilateral surgery• Vitreous exposure
• Suprachoroidal haemorrhage
Bilateral early postoperative complications• Endophthalmitis
• Hyphaema
• Raised IOP
• Iris prolapse
Bilateral late postoperative complications• Cystoid macular oedema
• Refractive surprise
• Epithelial ingrowth
• Corneal decompensation
• Fungal endophthalmitis
  • Catastrophic complications.