Table 2

New classification of ocular surface burns

Grade Prognosis Clinical findings Conjunctival involvement Analogue scale
IVery good0 clock hours of limbal involvement0%0/0%
IIGood⩽3 clock hours of limbal involvement⩽30%0.1–3/1–29.9%
IIIGood>3–6 clock hours of limbal involvement>30–50%3.1–6/31–50%
IVGood to guarded>6–9 clock hours of limbal involvement>50–75%6.1–9/51–75%
VGuarded to poor>9–<12 clock hours of limbal involvement>75–<100%9.1–11.9/75.1–99.9%
VIVery poorTotal limbus (12 clock hours) involvedTotal conjunctiva (100%) involved12/100%
  • The analogue scale records accurately the limbal involvement in clock hours of affected limbus/percentage of conjunctival involvement. While calculating percentage of conjunctival involvement, only involvement of bulbar conjunctiva, up to and including the conjunctival fornices is considered.