Table 1

Clinical details of the eight patients with F6H8 tamponade

Patient number Age Sex Aetiology of retinal disease Initial retinal status Tamponade agent Duration of F6H8fill Retinal status on F6H8removal Specimens
154MaleRRDPVR grade CP4F6H8 only8 weeksPVR grade CP ERM
287FemalePseudophakic RDPVR grade CP4F6H8 only10 weeksPVR grade CP ERM
329MaleB/P trauma360° iris dialysisF6H8 only9 weeksPVR grade CP ERM
465FemaleExpulsive haemorrhageTotally detached SO 2 days, then F6H8 10 weeksPVR grade CP12ERM
587FemaleFoveal relocation180° retinotomyF6H8 only7 weeksPVR grade CP8ERM+PLC
681FemaleFoveal relocation180° retinotomyF6H8 only9 weeksPVR grade CP8ERM+PLC
732FemaleRRDTotally detachedSF6 1 week, then F6H8 4 weeksPVR grade CP4 ERM
859MaleMM local resectionPVR grade CP8SO 12 weeks, then F6H8 21 weeksPVR grade CP ERM+PLC
  • PVR = proliferative vitreoretinopathy (grading according to the system of Machemer et al.20; RRD = rhegmatogenous retinal detachment; ERM = epiretinal membrane; PLC = posterior lens capsule; B/P = blunt/penetrating; MM = malignant melanoma (choroidal); SO = silicone oil; SF6 = sulphur hexafluoride.

  • Suprachoroidal haemorrhage.

  • Macular pucker (contraction type 1: focal starfold at macula).20