Table 2

Vacuolated macrophages in F6H8related PVR epiretinal membranes

ERM from patient number Distribution of vacuolated macrophages Proportion of vacuolated macrophages as % of total cells Multinucleated giant cells (% of total cells)
1Isolated cells, foci and layers10+ (5%)
2Isolated cells, foci10+ (5%)
3 Isolated cells, foci and layers30+ (5%)
4 Isolated cells, foci5
5Isolated cells, foci and layers20
6Isolated cells, layers20
7 Isolated cells, foci and layers10
8Isolated cells, layers30
  • ERM = epiretinal membrane.

  • Specimen contained capillaries.

  • No retinal inner limiting lamina contained in specimen.

  • + present; − absent.