Table 1

Clinicopathological details of the 10 patients with primary posterior uveal melanoma

Tumour number Age Sex Location Diameter (mm) Cell type Metastatic disease Status
Mel 20465Fchoroid12.65mixedliveralive
Mel 20574Mciliary body13.25mixednodead, unrelated cause
Mel 20686Fciliary body9.01spindle Bnoalive
Mel 20965Fciliary body and choroid14.65mixedliverdead
Mel 21171Mchoroid15.20spindle Anoalive
Mel 21245Mciliary body and choroid15.55mixedliverdead
Mel 21372Fciliary body and choroid16.05mixednoalive
Mel 21472Mciliary body8.36mixednoalive
Mel 21843Mchoroid12.35mixednoalive
Mel 22236Fchoroid12.85spindle Bnoalive
  • Patient status at 1.5 years post-enucleation.