Table 2

Monoclonal antibodies used to study integrin expression in a series of 10 primary posterior uveal melanomas

Antigen Antibody Purchased from
α1β1MCA1133Serotec, Oxford, UK
α2β1NCL-CD49bNovocastra, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
α3β1NCL-CD49cNovocastra, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
α4β1P4G9Dako Corporation, CA, USA
α5β1P1D6Dako Corporation, CA, USA
α6β1NCL-CD49fNovocastra, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
αvβ3MCA757GSerotec, Oxford, UK
β1MCA532Serotec, Oxford, UK
MMP-242-5D11Chemicon International Inc, USA
MMP-956-2A4Chemicon International Inc, USA