Table 3

Zymographical analysis of MMP-2 and MMP-9 secretion in a series of 10 primary posterior uveal melanomas

Tumour number Passage number pro-MMP-2
(72 kD)
(92 kD)
Mel 2043+ve−ve
Mel 2052+ve+ve
Mel 2062+ve+ve
Mel 2093+ve+ve
Mel 2113+ve−ve
Mel 2121+ve+ve
Mel 2132+ve−ve
Mel 2142+ve+ve
Mel 218 2+ve+ve
Mel 2222+ve+ve
  • Mel 218 also secreted the active forms of both MMP-2 (62 kD) and MMP-9 (84 kD).