Table 4

Expression of integrins as detected by immunohistochemistry in a series of 10 cultured primary posterior uveal melanomas, and relation to in vitro cell morphology

Tumour Passage α1β1 α2β1 α3β1 α4β1 α5β1 α6β1 αVβ3 β1 In vitro cell type
Mel 2045h-50/++++++/+++/++++++/++++epithelioid
Mel 2053h-50/++h-60/+++h-70/+++/++++/++++/++++epithelioid
Mel 2064++/++++++h-30/++++++++/++++epithelioid
Mel 2094h-65/+++/++++h-50/+++++/+++epithelioid
Mel 2113+++/+++++/++++++++−ve+/+++/++spindle
Mel 2123h-20/+++++h-20/+h-60/+/++−ve+++++mixed
Mel 2133+++++/+++++/+++++++++/+++epithelioid
Mel 2143++++++/+++h-60/++++++++++epithelioid
Mel 2183++++/+++−ve++−ve+++mixed
Mel 2224h-70/++/+++++−ve+−veh-70/+++spindle
  • The percentage of cells staining was considered homogeneous if 75% of cells were stained. The expression was considered to be heterogeneous if the percentage of cells staining was between 5% and 75%, and the relevant percentage is indicated (h5–h75). Less than 5% of cells stained was considered negative. Staining intensity was scored as + = weak, ++ = medium, or +++ = strong.