Table 2

Morphometric analysis

Angiographic parametersNo of intersections(better eyes n=45)No of intersections (worse eyes n=45)
Total lesion size at 30 seconds7836–10911955–187
Total lesion size at 60 seconds8342–10511760–182
Classic component size at 30 seconds80.0–9.0100.0–13.0
Classic component size at 60 seconds100.0–12130.0–17.0
Distance from fovea to healthy retina at 30 seconds5.44.0––7.0
Distance from fovea to healthy retina at 60 seconds5.34.0––7.0
  • The number of intersections on a grid which lay within the confines of tracings of the entire lesion and the classic component made on the 30 seconds angiographic frame were counted. Similarly the distance from the geometric centre of the fovea to healthy retina was measured on the same frame. The mean and the interquartile range of the number of intersections and the distance from fovea to healthy retina are shown for better and worse eyes.