Table 2

Visual outcome and compliance with occlusion therapy in children with unilateral cataract

Patient Eye Age at surgery Aetiology Preop VA Postop VA Occlusion concorde Follow up (years)
1R18/12CNot fixing or following6/12Good4
2L3 y 6/12C1/606/24Poor4
3L3 y 6/12C6/246/9Good3.5
4L5 y 3/12JCFs6/6Good2.5
5R1 y 2/12C? not cooperative6/60None1.1
6R5 yJ6/606/60None3
7R14/12C? not cooperative6/60None2.2
8R3 yTPL6/24Poor1.2
9R5 y 1/12J2/601/60Good1.3
10R3 yJPL6/12Good1.3
11R2 y 1/12J3/606/6Good5
  • C = congenital; J = juvenile; T = traumatic; CF = counting fingers; PL = perception of light.

  • Concordance was categorised into none (no compliance), poor (less than full), and good (full).