Table 1

Clinical findings and outcome of four patients with conjunctival melanoma following wide excision and amniotic membrane transplantation

Case No, age at time of diagnosis, sexPrecursorLocation of conjunctival melanoma
(and PAM)
Breslow thickness (mm)Primary treatmentCompletely resectedSecondary treatmentFollow up (months)Cosmetic outcomeSigns of recurrence at end follow upFibrotic reaction/symblepharon
1; 49; MPAM + naevuscorneolimbal; epibulbar2.6wide excision + corneoscleral graft + AMT yesnoCryotherapy; topical mitomycin 0.02%16excellentno
2; 70; FPAMlimbal; epibulbar; plica; caruncle; forniceal; palpebral2.1wide excision + AMTyesnoTopical mitomycin 0.02%16moderateyes (PAM)++
3; 54; Mde novocorneolimbal; epibulbar2.7wide excision + cryotherapy + corneoscleral graft + AMTyes28goodno+
4; 64; Mnaevuslimbal; epibulbar1.6wide excision + AMTyes5excellentno
  • MM = malignant melanoma.

  • PAM = primary acquired melanosis.

  • AMT = amniotic membrane transplantation.