Table 2

Univariate Cox proportional hazards analyses of clinical factors predictive of elevated intraocular pressure (>22 mm Hg) in 169 eyes with microscopically proved iris melanoma

Clinical feature p Value Relative risk 95% CI [c,d]
Tumour base (No clock hours)<0.00011.171.08, 1.25c
Tumour epicentre<0.00011.671.34, 2.08d
 Iris rootv pupillary margin
Tumour shape<0.00014.632.55, 8.40d
 Flat vnodule
Angle seeds (No of clocks hours)<0.00011.161.09, 1.24c
 Increasing hours
Iris seeds (No of clock hours)0.00011.111.05, 1.17c
Visual acuity at diagnosis0.00031.131.06, 1.21d
 <20/20v 20/20
Tumour base (mm)0.00051.151.06, 1.24c
Posterior tumour margin0.0021.801.24, 2.60d
 Iris root/anglev midzone
Angle seeds0.0091.841.17, 2.90d
 Presentv absent
Episcleral vessel0.031.921.07, 3.47d
 Presentv absent
  • CI = confidence interval.

  • c = continuous variable, d = discrete variable.

  • Reference variable.