Table 1

Complications at the time of surgery and visual outcome

Best corrected postoperative vision
Group Complications at surgery Procedures<6/12 (%) Risk ratio [95% CL]Fisher “exact” p value
No ocular comorbidity:
 A (referent)No complications104357(5.5)Referent
 BPC tear5010(20.0)3.7 [2.0–6.7]0.0005
 COther complications627(11.3)2.1 [1.0–4.3]0.0832
Ocular comorbidity:
 A (referent)No complications234114(48.7)Referent
 BPC tear96(66.7)1.4 [0.9–2.2]0.3295
 COther complications2213(59.1)1.2 [0.8–1.8]0.3807
Table totals1420
  • Note. Comparisons under “Ocular comorbidity” are problematic and difficult to interpret due to number of diagnoses.