Table 1

Clinical characteristics of patients with partial limbal stem cell deficiency

Patient/ age/sexEyeNo of previous proceduresLSCD (degrees) /TACDiagnosisVisual acuityFollow up (months)Epithelial healing (days)ICNotes
PreopPostopChange (lines)
1/30/MRE0300Chemical burn20/3020/3002220
2/4/MLE1350Radiation keratopathy HM1/200017.2Radiation neuropathy Stromal revascularisation
3/45/MRE2150Chemical burn20/10020/400−31230Yes
4/35/MRE0270Chemical burn 20/6020/25433Stromal revascularisation
5/39/MLE0150Chemical burn, BK/PEDHM20/40103730
6/26/MRE0180Chemical burn, Symblepharon20/30020/2593218
7/40/FLE0330Chemical burn, Dry eye 20/30020/4073460YesStromal revascularisation
8/44/F LE RE0300 270CL induced keratitis CL induced keratitis 20/400 20/40020/25 20/251 223 20.6— —Yes
9/65/FLE4120HSK, fungal keratitis, multiple surgeriesLPLP014YesEviscerated for phthisis bulbi
10/37/F/ RE LE0240 240Idiopathic Idiopathic20/400 20/10020/40 20/608 3 25 237 5Stromal revascularisation
11/68/MRE590Multiple glaucoma surgeries20/20020/5052513
13/28/FLE0300Chemical burn20/2520/20121
14/52/FRE1350 YesIdiopathic20/10020/3061330YesTreated with CsA
15/47/MLE0350 Yes Chemical burn20/2520/20114.815Yes
  • ARMD = age related macular degeneration; BK = band keratopathy; CIN = conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasia; CL = contact lens; CsA = cyclosporin A; 5-FU = 5-fluorouracil; HSK = herpes simplex keratitis; IC = impression cytology; LSCD = limbal stem cell deficiency; RE = right eye; LE = left eye; PED = persistent epithelial defect; TAC = central transient amplifying cells intact; VA = visual acuity; HM = hand motion; LP = light perception; — = not recorded.