Table 4

Complications and events during the follow up period after cataract surgery, in the ECCE (n=232) and Phako (n=245) treatment groups. Of the 482 patients who had surgery, five were lost to all follow up. These are excluded from the table

Postoperative complications/eventsTreatment groupsExact test:
p value
No (%)
No (%)
Capsule opacity68  (29)48  (20)0.014
Removal/cutting of sutures85 (37)8 (3)<0.0001
Age related macular degeneration4 (2)2 (1)0.439
Cystoid macular oedema3 (1)2 (1)0.678
Retinal detachment0 (0)2 (1)0.499
Endophthalmitis (with some of above)1 (0.4)3 (1)0.624