Table 1

Characteristics of patients included in study

Case No Age Lens status Eye affected Preop VA Retinopexy Tamponade Posture Retinal status at 6 months Final VA
161pseudoLHMlaserSilicone oilface downattached6/36
249phakicRCFcryopexy12% C3F8 face downattached6/6
362pseudoR6/60laser and cryopexy12%C3F8 L side downattached6/9
471phakicLHMcryopexy30% SF6 L side downattached6/24
532phakicR6/9laser and cryopexySilicone oilface downattached6/9
660phakicRCFcryopexy12% C3F8 face downattached6/18
780pseudoL6/60laser14% C3F8 face downattached6/9
864pseudoR6/60cryopexy14% C3F8 L side downattached6/9
951phakicRCFcryopexy30% SF6 L side downdetached6/6
  • Pseudo = pseudophakic; VA = visual acuity; HM = hand movements; CF = counting fingers.