Table 1

Details of patients, presenting diseases, procedure performed, duration of follow up, and immunosuppression

Patient age at graft (years), sex Indication for limbal allograft Procedure Duration follow up (months) Immunosuppression, duration treatment
(A) 50, MEpithelial dysplasia affecting both eyes and skinR 360° limbal allograft36prednisolone phosphate 0.5% qds, 4 months
(B) 34, FAniridic keratopathy, worse in right eye (primary limbal failure)R 360° limbal allograft45prednisolone phosphate 0.5% qds, 13 months
(C) 71, MLimbal carcinoma in situ, biopsy proved recurrence, previous limbal graft failureR 360° limbal allograft; corneal surface replaced54prednisolone phosphate 0.5% qds, 4 months
prednisolone phosphate 0.5% bd, 50 months
(D) 47, FContact lens induced limbal failureR limbal allograft 2 × 3 clock hours56prednisolone phosphate 0.5% qds, 28 months
cyclosporin 200–100 mg bd, 56 months
azathioprine 100–25 mg od, 15 months
(E) 67, MSubtarsal well differentiated squamous cell carcinoma with invasive fociL upper lid tarsoconjunctival allograft; corneal surface replaced56prednisolone phosphate 0.5% qds, 1 week
prednisolone phosphate 0.5% tds, 11 months
mitomycin C 0.02% od, alternate weeks
  • qds = four times daily; bd = twice daily; od = once daily; tds = three times daily.