Table 1

Retinopathy of prematurity screening criteria

With or without supplemental oxygenWith supplemental oxygen
Postmenstrual ageBirth weight (g)Postmenstrual ageBirth weight (g)Timing (weeks)
PMA = postmenstrual age.
Local guidelines 1992–3≤17501750–25005–7
Local guidelines 1994–8≤15001500–25005–7
AAP, 19924<30 weeks1300<35 weeks<18005–7
Unstable clinical course
AAP, 19975≤28 weeks≤1500>1500 discretionary4–6 or 31–33 PMA
AAP, 20016≤28 weeks≤15001500–20004–6 or 33 PMA
Wright et al, 19987≤32 weeks≤1500