Table 4

Mycotic keratitis: a review of the literature

PlaceReferenceYearNumber cases% Fungi*Organism 1Organism 2
*Corresponds to the proportion of fungal keratitis cases in studies which were not exclusively reporting fungal keratitis.
†Percentages of fungal keratitis cases have been recalculated by the author to represent the proportion of fungal corneal ulcers as a percentage of the total number of corneal ulcers reported, not just those which were culture positive. Numbers of cultures can be misleading particularly if multiple isolates are cultured from the same patient.
‡No figures stated.
    LondonCoster171981673%2 cases only
    London, UKPersonal comm2001723%Candida spp 58%Aspergillus spp 26%
North America
    FloridaLiesegang19198066320%Fusarium spp 62%Candida spp 7.5%
    Florida Rosa20 1994125Fusarium spp 62%Candida spp 12.5%
    PhiladelphiaTanure 21200024C albicans 46%Fusarium spp 25%
    CaliforniaOrmerod22198722711%C albicans 4%Penicillium spp 2%
    AtlantaHarris23198810832%Candida spp 94%
    Northern USAO’Day24198733Candida spp 42%Aspergillus spp 30%
    Southern USA285Fusarium spp 55%Candida spp 9.5%
South America
    ParaguayMino de Kaspar2519912658%Fusarium spp 42%Aspergillus spp 19%
The Middle East
    Saudi ArabiaKhairallah26199219114%Aspergillus spp 41%Fusarium spp‡
Candida albicans
    Ghana (Accra)Hagan6199519934%Fusarium spp 52%Aspergillus spp 15%
    South AfricaCarmichael2719852742%Curvularia spp 33%
    NigeriaGugani11197659Fusarium spp 36%Penicillium spp 29%
    TanzaniaMselle28199921215%Fusarium spp 75%Aspergillus spp 19%
    South AfricaOrmerod2919871202.5%3 different isolates
    Nepal, DharanKhanal920018644%Aspergillus spp 60%Fusarium spp 13%
    Nepal, KathmanduUpadhyay1199140517%Aspergillus spp 47%Candida spp 13%
    NepalChaudhary3019991108%Rhizopus spp 22%
    Bangladesh Rahman31 199863Aspergillus spp 35%
Fusarium spp 35%
    BangladeshDunlop419946636%Aspergillus spp 40%Fusarium spp 21%
    BangladeshWilliams32199112734%Aspergillus spp 49%Fusarium spp 28%
    BangladeshWilliams3319873321%Aspergillus spp 29%Fusarium spp 14%
    India, NorthChander3419947308.4%Aspergillus spp 40%Fusarium spp 16%
    India, New DelhiPanda (children)8199721110.8%Aspergillus spp 40%Fusarium spp 11%
    India, New DelhiMahajan35198567419.7%Aspergillus spp 37%Fusarium spp 10%
    India, MumbaiDeshpande131999367Aspergillus spp 60%Candida spp 10%
    India, HyderabadKunimoto16200010219%Aspergillus spp 37%Curvularia spp 16%
    India, HyderabadGarg142000557Fusarium spp 38%Aspergillus spp 30%
    India, KarnatakaKotigadde36199229523%Aspergillus spp 34%Candida spp 19%
    India, MadrasSudaram37198915045%Aspergillus spp 53%Fusarium spp 12%
Penicillium spp 12%
    India, MadrasVenugopal381989322Aspergillus spp 64%Acremonium spp 8.4%
    India, TiruchiripalliThomas12198677432%Fusarium spp 38%Aspergillus spp 30%
    India, MaduraiRahman39199758Fusarium spp 38%Aspergillus spp 17%
    India, MaduraiSrinavasan7199743435%Fusarium spp 47%Aspergillus spp 16%
    Sri LankaGonawardena4019946633%Aspergillus spp 18% single isolates
    ThailandImwidthaya41199514525%‡Aspergillus spp 34%Fusarium spp 26%
    SingaporeWong42199729Fusarium spp 52%A flavus 17%
    Hong KongHouang4320012232%Fusarium spp 60%