Table 1

Temperature change of the cornea and upper eyelid in Japanese hot baths and IWCD use (mean (SD))

Cornea (°C)Upper eyelid (°C)
IWCD = infrared warm compression device.
The temperature of the eye was measured using an infrared radiation thermometer (THI-500S, Tasco Japan, Osaka, Japan)26for 5 normal volunteers and 3 MGD subjects, and also compared to the data from our previous report.10 The typical water temperature of Japanese hot baths (usual home bath, not a hot spring) is around 42°C. The temperature of the cornea and upper eyelid were almost identical in both the Japanese hot baths and while using the IWCD, so the temperature change for 5 minutes of use of the IWCD was within the range of normal daily activities.
Normal volunteers (n = 5)Room temperature (22.5°C)34.8 (0.9)35.0 (0.7)
In Japanese hot bath 5 minutes (water temperature, 41.5°C, bathroom temperature 26.4°C)38.4 (0.3)38.2 (0.5)
IWCD 5 minutes37.9 (0.9)38.8 (0.7)
MGD subjects (n = 3)Room temperature (22.5°C)35.6 (0.8)35.8 (0.7)
IWCD 5 minutes38.2 (1.7)37.4 (0.9)
Normal volunteers (n = 10) (data are from our previous report)10Room temperature (23.0°C)34.1 (1.2)34.1 (0.8)
IWCD 5 minutes36.1 (1.4)37.3 (1.2)