Table 2

Inclusion characteristics of the “per protocol” set of patients evaluated for the efficacy analysis. Values for each patient were assessed before randomisation and are expressed as mean (SD) of the right and left eye

Demographic variableSodium hyaluronate groupPlacebo (saline) group
Symptom scores were calculated according to McMonnies and Ho.12
AU= arbitrary units.13
Number of patients1925
Age50.2 (15.1)50.7 (15)
Sex (M/F)4/155/20
Symptom score16.2 (2.4)16.8 (2.7)
Anesthetised Schirmer's test (mm)7.1 (4.8)6.0 (3.8)
Break up time (seconds)6.4 (2.6)5.1 (2.3)
Rose bengal stain (AU)4.0 (2.4)6.0 (2.9)
Fluorescein stain (AU)3.2 (2.1)3.6 (3.3)