Table 1

The average of mean deviation of Humphrey field analysis in each stage of the two glaucoma groups

StageNTG groupPOAG groupp Value
NTG = normal tension glaucoma, POAG = primary open angle glaucoma.
Comparisons between groups were done using Student's t test. Data are reported as mean (SD).
Early stage−2.42 (1.54) (n=22)−2.59 (1.39) (n=21)0.706
Moderately progressed stage−9.42 (2.82) (n=23)−10.02 (3.14) (n=17)0.530
Progressed stage−20.51 (4.72) (n=15)−23.61 (4.88) (n=17)0.079
Total−9.62 (7.65) (n=60)−11.38 (9.40) (n=55)0.271