Table 1

Analysis of RPE cells granularity after co-culture with T lymphocytes T lymphocytes (T Ly) were first red labelled using the PKH26 dye and then co-cultured (500 000 T cells) with hRPE cells (200 000 cells). After 24 hours, all cells were prepared for flow cytometry. The FACScan analysis was done within a defined FSC/SSC subregion (G1) where all RPE cells were located, whereas none of the T cells was found. FSC/SSC dot plot analysis of RPE cells reveals increased granularity (SSC value) of the RPE cell population, confirming the engulfment of particles by RPE cells. Results are expressed as values (SSC values) from three independent experiments

RPERPE/T Ly (0 hour)RPE/T Ly (24 hours)
*Statistically significant with p<0.05 versus time 0 hour.