Table 2

Retinopathy level and prevalence of macular oedema by diabetes classification* and level of glycaemia in the Cardiovascular Health Study

Diabetes classification
Glucose level only (n=74)Hypoglycaemic medications only (n=65)Glucose level and hypoglycaemic medications (n=157)Total (n=296)
*American Diabetes Association classification defines a person as having diabetes if s/he is currently using insulin or oral hypoglycaemic agents, or has a fasting blood sugar of 126 mg/dl or higher; †denominators for macular oedema for glucose only group is 74, hypoglycaemic medications only group is 62, glucose level and hypoglycaemic medications group is 155 and for total is 291.
Retinopathy level
    None (level 10)6689.251 78.511975.823679.7
    Minimal non-proliferative (levels 21–35)34.146.2159.6227.4
    Moderate to severe non-proliferative (levels 40–50)56.87 10.81811.53010.1
    Proliferative (levels 60+)003 4.653.282.7
Macular oedema†11.42 3.231.962.1