Table 4

The intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC) and their 95% confidence interval (CI) of within observer (observer A) and between observers (observer A − observer B) in measuring vertical cup-disc ratio, horizontal cup-disc ratio and perimeter cup-disc ratio by Discam

Vertical cup-disc ratioHorizontal cup-disc ratioPerimeter cup-disc ratio
ICC (95% CI)ICC (95% CI)ICC (95% CI)
Within observer (observer A)0.93 (0.86–0.96)0.90 (0.80–0.94)0.93 (0.77–0.97)
Between observers (observer A − observer B)0.70 (0.56–0.80)0.67 (0.50–0.78)0.69 (0.54–0.80)