Table 1

Description of caisson workers

Patient NoAge/sexComplaintsOnset of blurred vision from first exposureTotal period of exposure in hyperbaricsUnit pulmonary toxicity dose
*Complaint of blurred vision.
1*57/MBlurred distant vision, ocular pain1531 min/20 sessions (43 days)3419 min/40 sessions14 594
2*51/MBlurred distant vision1310 min/13 sessions (14 days)2172 min/22 sessions10 461
3*50/MBlurred distant vision2407 min/30 sessions (42 days)3075 min/36 sessions17 745
4*48/MBlurred distant vision1647 min/17 sessions (25 days)2490 min/27 sessions10 482
548/M2218 min/23 sessions10 768
6*45/MBlurred distant vision, itching492 min/6 sessions (37 days)2522 min/27 sessions10 681
7*42/MBlurred distant vision, itching346 min/4 sessions (10 days)2019 min/21 sessions10 646
8*38/MBlurred distant vision538 min/5 sessions (9 days)2703 min/28 sessions11 894
9*29/MBlurred distant visionNot certain3833 min/44 sessions15 495
1025/M851 min/15 sessions4318
1125/M2284 min/26 sessions9205
12*22/MBlurred distant vision1006 min/12 sessions (50 days)1269 min/18 sessions5628